Starlite Urban Drive-in

Retro goes metro as the classic drive-in is revamped this summer. Escape the stuffy cinema and enjoy the thrill of film on a full-size screen outdoors – right in the cultural heart of London at the Truman Brewery.

You don’t even need a car! ALL the cars are provided.  We’re partnering with Volvo to bring you the best viewing experience ever.  Just book one of 25 shiny new Volvo cars for you and your friends.  They’re pre-parked for your viewing pleasure. You don’t need a driving license. Just turn up, get in and have fun. Max 2 people per car.

Sit in comfort and enjoy the soundtrack on the radio.  Order popcorn from the waitresses whizzing by on roller skates. Make it is as cozy or cool as you like with the in car air-conditioning or heating.  Even cuddle up on the back seat….

Starlite is, of course, completely carbon neutral.

We showed a specially commissioned super-short film at our premiere party that told the drive-in story from them till now. Fri night we got down with Dirty Dancing!  NOBODY puts Baby in a corner! We had the time of our lives. We did!

Saturday night was one of those Summer Nights as the sun went down and our lights came up. We joined Sandy and Danny as the Pink Ladies and the T-Birds returned to the drive-in!  Nobody was stranded at the drive-in (not this time).   It’s the one that you want: Grease!